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Mr Grey Play Kit Black & Gold

Mr Grey Play Kit Black & Gold

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8 piece set (does not contain the box)
Material: Genuine Leather, Silica gel, Metal Alloy
Color: Mysterious black, Luxury Gold
Size: As the picture (adjustable)
Weight: 1.61kg
Package: discreet package to protect your privacy
Eye patch: 21cm in lenght; 13cm high
Mouth plug: 4cm in diameter, 40-56 in circumference
Handcuffs: 3cm wide and 16-20cm in circumference
Foot print: 3cm wide, 20-25cm in circumference
Collar: 34-40cm wide, 78cm chain lenght
Milk Clip: 9cm long, 0.3-1.5 wide
Whip lenght: 43cm
Hand clap: 21cm in lenght, 11cm wide


Composition: 74% Nylon, 16% Elastane, 10% Cotton


Sizing guide:

SMALL Bust 75B-80B Hip 87cm-90cm

MEDIUM Bust 75C-80C Hip 92cm-95cm

LARGE Bust 80D-85D Hip 98cm-101cm

Care information

Delicate hand wash separately.

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